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The joy of JavaScript is rooted in its lack of rigidity and the infinite possibilities that this allows for. Natural languages hold the same promise. The best authors and the best JavaScript developers are those who obsess about language, who explore and experiment with language every day and in doing so develop their own style, their own idioms, and their own expression.

— $$$ fat

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If we never let go of old technology, we’d be buried in complexity and crushed by outdated crap.

— Daring Fireball

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The Chinese Shirt Roll →

Man, I hope this trend makes it here in the states

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Adobe openly admits that the initial goal for the new tool will be to help convert animated banner ads so that they work on the iOS paltform

— Sweet!, …I’ve really been wondering when those ads would be coming to IOS via Adobe outs experimental Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool, calls it Wallaby — Engadget

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We chat about the nature of restaurant food (everyone orders the same shit) , ‘real’ Japanese cookery and why Americans eat so little of it (too intimidating and not ‘fancy’ enough), and the irony that despite his efforts to get people to eat something other than sushi, that’s all people want to eat.

— Andrew Zimmern and Morimoto on the nature of restaurant food via - Lunch with THE Iron Chef Morimoto « Bizarre Foods

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Big Bucket - Archive – Sneak Peek at The Incident 1.3 →

Ipad + TV adapter + Iphone as controller == so much awesome, I can’t wait for this to be come out. via @daringfireball

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If your computer is too slow, don’t buy more memory or upgrade… get a keyboard with a turbo button

If your computer is too slow, don’t buy more memory or upgrade… get a keyboard with a turbo button

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Testing out camera+ hdr effect while at valleyfair on Saturday

Testing out camera+ hdr effect while at valleyfair on Saturday

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Introducing Bam : A simple deployment utility

As a thought about the post that I wrote the other day. I figured why not just turn it into a gem? This would be a good excuse for me to write my first command line gem and also learn all the intricacies involved with it. So without further ado, here it is: bam the easiest, most fastest way to deploy your project! It’s super simple to get going and use too!


  gem install bam # => you might need sudo here


  cd into/your/project/root
  # it should generate a deploy.bam file, go ahead and open it up and update it
  # do some work on your project

That’s it! No DSL to learn, a minimal amount of ceremony involved with setting it up, and best of all, the deploy file just involves setting 2 variables at the minimum. Now you to can deploy your recipes, er, I mean your site or project the Emeril Lagasse style with BAM! There’s also some variables to allow you to do some pre deployment tasks and post deployment tasks that are limited to running commands locally, but most of the time I don’t need them and honestly if it gets more complicated than that, just do yourself a favor and use capistrano.

Ok enough talk, show me already!

Alright here’s a basic demo of how it works:

Get the source at if you want to fork it. Here’s a quick video of Emeril reminding you how fast and simple your deployments can be:

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